Hello. New Hope Inc. very pleased that we were able to confirm their quality of service. Our team managed to assemble and launch some of the best HFT servers on the market. Experience in trading arbitrage strategies and HFT on stock exchanges and forex markets gave us invaluable experience.

We guarantee what you get when renting our VDS: 

- special HFT server build for trading; 

- distribution of quotations from one data center by cross

- connection (direct wire between servers);

 - the server is provided only for our clients for trade. This eliminates the use of VDS for hosting a mirror that loads the network card and creates delays; 

- the location of the data center in central London, and not 200-300 km away from it, in another city. Ping to LD4 (data center where most broker servers are located) is minimal.

 - honest power. We give the real power of the server. Most VPS draw some data, but in fact the power is 30-50% less.

To date, all VDS leased. We are installing new servers and they will be available again soon. After the launch, new VDS messages will be sent out and you will also be able to evaluate our quality.