New Hope Inc. I am pleased to announce the successful launch of our server in London. We strive to reduce possible delays and burdens when distributing quotes. Almost all companies that provide VDS or dedicated servers suffer from low bandwidth with a large number of connections and a dataset. Or their cost is too high, which will increase the cost of products. It was decided to install their servers for distribution and use, and for customers.

Currently our server is running, from where quotes will be distributed in London. All software will be updated soon, stay tuned. This is important because the old distribution server will be disabled within 1 week after the update.

After full optimization and tests, additional servers will be installed. We have VPS with minimal delay and conditions for HFT trading. Information on prices and production capacity will be published later.

Hello. New Hope Inc. I am pleased to announce the release of the new version of New Hope INSIDE 1.2.

List of changes:

- Completely redesigned tool settings window.

- added function to hold deals on time.

- the spread coefficient for closing deals on virtual TP and SL is removed. As well as the calculation of virtual TP and SL only by the size of the spread.

- added physical TL in case of connection failure to prevent possible losses.

- changed the logic of additional checks to reduce delays when a large number of ticks (100-300 per second) for a large number of tools.

- corrected the program logs.

- Fixed the error of removing the tool from the table. In the case of deleting several tools, indicate that the tool was lost and deleted the top tool.

- changed license accounting in settings.

- other minor changes.

When communicating with customers, a list of necessary functions was compiled, which will also be added soon.

Recall that you can purchase a separate version of the New Hope INSIDE MT4 or MT5.

Hello. New Hope Inc. I am pleased to announce that we have completed the development of a partner’s office.

If you are an entrepreneurial, you work for the result and want to become part of the company, then leave your application on the partner page.

After consideration of the application, you will receive data from the partner’s office and you will be able to start your work.

In the partner’s personal account, we created the conditions to simplify our cooperation as much as possible. You can download instructions, images, videos, and other materials you may need. In case of lack of necessary information or materials, you can contact support and we will help solve your question.

Automated tables for your customers. In case of a purchase agreement, you need to specify the necessary data about the client in the list and, after confirmation, receive financial charges in the calculation table with a partner.   

We are waiting for you in the ranks of the team New Hope Team