Hello. The company is pleased to announce the new version of the program New Hope INSIDE

1.1. List of changes:

- Added 2 commands - RepeatOnly5min and RepeatALL. Teams are needed to equalize quotes during trading. Designed for trading, cryptocurrency, indices, futures.

- Added pause between orders.

- In MT5 protocols are optimized. Found inaccuracies in working with different brokers.

- Added modes for simultaneous trading on multiple brokers with 1 VPS.

- Programs have become more stable to work with 10 tools. It was associated with the LMAX FIX API. Since from LMAX comes up to 10,000 ticks per second, and we, have divided the channels of communication for each instrument.

Also, the modernization of the trading strategy. For details, write in support. At the moment, this is not a competitive product for trading MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Our customers regularly contact for testing INSIDE. We checked more than 30 client accounts and in most cases the program earns steadily.

Also, it is worth noting that CLIENTS are not greedy. Probably brokers will not give 100,000% of the profits. After that, you should not write to us and say that We solve the question.