Hello. The company is pleased to announce a new version of the program New Hope FIX API. Over the past 2 months there have been many important improvements of the program:

- CFH Clearing has changed part of the specification and updated tools. The company notified all customers with a letter about changes in trading conditions. In addition, some tool names and part of the specification have been changed. In the new version, all work with CFH is updated.

- Trading on the FIX API from cTrader has been greatly refined. Removed some requests and synchronized communication with the broker's server. As a result, requests for opening and closing orders are delivered faster.

- Added auto leveling feature for quotes. Designed for trading cryptocurrency, indices, futures. You can adjust the alignment interval and the number of ticks. If you think that the function is not needed, then we recommend to enable MinimalImpulse.

- optimization of internal processes and minor improvements.

 Also worth noting are the excellent results of our clients. It is a pity that you do not give permission to publish your reports. There is something to show)))